THE MODEL C - "A Culture Club For The Curious"

The Model C was created out of my desire to know, learn and experience as much as possible in this life.  I quickly realized this journey was one I wanted to share with my friends. As many can attest, I love entertaining and being the "facilitator of fun" so I decided to create a social side of MAKE + MODEL.  

The Model C is about culture:  exposure to new ideas and experiences in order to cultivate human connection, personal growth, social awareness and of course to have fun.  Ranging from art and music, fashion and design, health and wellness,  to food and travel, I want to experience it all and want you to be a part of it.

Simply join below with your email and you will officially be part of The Model C! 

"C" = culture, curate, connect, create, cultivate, collaborate, crave, communicate, collect, curious, community, etc.......