Make and Model is an interiors shop in Nashville, TN owned and operated by Brandy Adams.  With a focus on the unique and unexpected, M+M offers a fresh aesthetic that combines vintage pieces with global textiles and pops of color.  Clean lines and glamours undertones are juxtaposed perfectly to create a warm, layered space that tells a story to everyone that visits.

The shop name represents several things.  It sums up her love of finding unique and interesting pieces and then investigating everything about its history, its origin, its story....its make and model.  "Make" also refers to her love for bespoke, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces and "Model" refers to the act of using these pieces in styled spaces. 





I love the art of styling. Whether it’s a room, a tablescape, a party or even the arrangement of food on a plate, I am passionate about the presentation and the detail that elevates something from ordinary to amazing. This love for all things visual was cultivated from a very young age when colorful patterns and bold wallpapers were all the rage. Combine this with disco dancing parents who threw cocktail parties once a month, it's no surprise you get a girl who is unafraid of color, loves to host a good party and doesn't take herself too seriously. A 70s flair and my southern roots drive my style philosophy today. I believe spaces should evolve over time and contain a mix of modern and vintage pieces. I also believe your style; for your home and yourself, should be a reflection of you not someone else's idea of style. Be quirky, be eccentric, but most of all, be yourself and remember…don’t take things too seriously.